UNLOCKED (Drabble)

Instead of the usual CURRENTLY post, I’ve decided to share this drabble with everyone. A new section called Free Reads is now open on the main site and I’ll be linking all writing bits there!





I startled out of my zone. The screwdriver slid out of the rusty nail stubbornly holding on to the cybot’s neck panel and fell out of my hand. Muttering a curse, I bent and retrieved the tool.

After plastering on a polite smile, I faced the shop’s window to see who’d shouted my name.

A ridiculously handsome man stood there staring at me. His tanned face was made of sharp angles, with thick brows set over a prominent nose, and perfectly trimmed hairs along his jaw. His eyes—an enticing mix of green and brown with rusty-orange flecks—held mine for the longest time, making my circuits spark.

“It is you, mi amor,” he said.

My retina display translated the foreign words, yet I’d understood them perfectly. Weird. My systems didn’t have any language plug-ins.

“Um, do I know you from…before?” The accident that turned me 85% cyborg had also left massive holes in my memory. No one ever came for me back then, but this man appeared to know me.

A ragged sob burst from him and he reached for me over the window. Gripping the sides of my face, he drew me close. I clung to his wrists and tried to pull away, but his grip was strong. His lips against my ear sent shivers down my titanium spine.

Te amo, Leto.” His words were raw, anguished.

A tiny click echoed inside my skull and the familiar whir of a hard drive powering to life made my jaw tingle. The retina display indicated a password had been accepted and a new memory bank was being accessed.

Information flooded my CPU, overwhelming me as the uncovered data ignited memories deep within.

I slid my mouth over the man’s, kissing him deep.

His name was Chase.

We belonged together.