This month: #Busyaf, Brush Lettering, Music and More!


Yep! That is me at the moment and, call me crazy, but I’m loving it. In March, I completed the traditional calligraphy course. Ended up both loving and hating the rigid structure of the Roman font (which is the one we learned); loving because it pleases my OCD to have such straight lines all over the page and hating because my own writing style is so balloon-y and wild and random and asdfghjkl. Of course, once I was done, I wanted to learn other lettering styles, so I got swept into the Brush Lettering community. I’m learning on my own with The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide by Peggy Dean (The Pigeon Letters), but I also signed up for BohoBerry‘s Positive Scribes online course in the hopes of bettering my penmanship.

My plans to sign up for digital design classes and/or Illustrator workshops have been put on hold, because the Copyediting Certificate turned out to have much more weekly work than I anticipated. It’s going very well so far, but I just know that if I add one more thing, everything will collapse into itself. I love to keep busy, but the one thing I have to continually be reminded of is to pace myself!



A mysterious distress call draws the crew of courier ship Hermes to what appears to be an empty, drifting troop vessel–empty except for the blood and gore spattered corridors and a lone survivor locked in a holding cell. Drawn to the handsome, traumatized man, the crew’s comm officer, Isaac Ozawa, makes Turk his personal responsibility, offering him the kindness and warmth he needs after the horror he experienced.

Isaac knows firsthand what it’s like to be different and an outcast, and this cements their bond. Once a promising pilot, Isaac was left with a damaged body when his brain didn’t meld with the high-tech implant needed to fly fighter ships. Turk’s brain is no better. The result of a military experiment gone wrong, his natural abilities have been augmented to a dangerous degree.

When an amoral, power-hungry admiral kidnaps Isaac and uses him to convince Turk to become the cataclysmic weapon he’s hungered for, it will take Turk’s strength, the ingenuity of the Hermes crew, the help of the enigmatic Drak’tar, and Isaac’s own stubborn will to save them.

I was in the mood for some SciFi, so a friend kindly pointed me to this little gem, Gravitational Attraction by Angel Martínez. I’m only a quarter of the way through and already labeled it as a keeper.



Yet another series that I wish I’d gotten around to watching sooner! Alas, it is my curse to let the best series go by and then have to watch and spazz on my own because everyone else has already experienced it…



Love it when I go back through my music archive and look up a band that I’ve had with me since high school or uni days, and guess what, THEY HAVE NEW MATERIAL AND IT IS AWESOME!



I’ve been steering my journaling into more writing/outlining/plotting waters. A plot bunny here, a character interview there, and it’s slowly been helping me write short flash fiction pieces in between the work & study mess that it’s my life at the moment. It gives me hope writing isn’t entirely impossible.






That’s it.
There’s nothing greater that I want.
I’m sure.


Making me Happy

April is my month! Even though I don’t celebrate it anymore, I actually enjoy turning older. This year was the 30s milestone. They say wisdom, smart adulting, and chill against life’s natural bitchiness comes at this age, so…hoping at least some of that is true!


Until next time 🍓


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