This month: Yuri!! on ICE, Supergirl S2, and New Year Goals!



The sports anime that saved 2016 and raised the bar so high in terms of plot, characterization, music, relationships, and lgbt+ representation that other animations will never feel the same. It sounds dramatic, but for a lot of us who’ve been watching anime and staying content with the fact that our hopes for lgbt+ ships would never be canon, YoI has shown that it is not impossible.

In this skating on ice sports anime, the main character, a 23yr old Japanese skater named Yuri, who suffers from anxiety and low self-esteem, is suddenly thrown for a loop when Victor Nikiforov, Yuri’s ultimate skating idol crush, appears in his home and declares he’ll be Yuri’s new coach. What ensues is a hilarious, heart-tugging journey of self-discovery for the both of them, as they learn how to live and how to love.

YoI has shown of the healthiest relationships (and I don’t mean perfect, I mean slightly messy and flawed like any real couple) that I’ve ever seen. Not only that, but all the relationships of the main cast with the other skaters and friends are shown to be just as important for Yuri’s growth as a person. I could honestly write a twelve-page essay on how great this anime is or how awesome Kubo sensei is as a writer and creator OR I could let you go and watch for yourselves!



The reading block is over! On New Year’s Eve, I went on amazon, scrolled through my wish list, and picked a book based on cover alone. I know, bad Ariel. But, hey, it turns out I picked awesomely.

Strong Signal (Cyberlove book 1) by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassel. I wasn’t even 50% done with the book and I had to log back in and get the second one. That’s how I spent new Years, reading about hot gaymer boy Kai (has anxiety and agoraphobia) who falls in love with hot gaymer soldier Garret (is deployed in the desert). Fast Connection (Cyberlove book 2) follows the story of a secondary character of the first, but Kai and Garret make appearances, so it was fun!

Too keep with the theme of social media and gaymers, I then got myself Status Update (#gaymers book 1) by Annabeth Albert, about game developer Adrian (very much out) who is left stranded with his cute dog Pixel at a park, and geoarchaeologist Noah (still in closet) and his dog Ulysses who become Adrian’s ride back home. We’ll see how much I love this!



I went into Supergirl – Season 2 excited about Tyler Hoechlin shedding his wolf skin to become Superman, and came out clutching my pillow and holding back tears because…

(gifs by ivyism)

Alex Danvers is gay ❤





It’s a new year, so I’ve been thinking about my 2017 goals! As always I had no shortage of things I want to accomplish, so before panicking, I distilled them into 6 sections: personal, social, professional, health, financial, and other. I did a cute bullet journal spread and wrote them down in each section. It’s colorful, it’s fun—it’ll be up on IG—and I’m hoping to keep up with most of the goals!


Excited For



To figure out this writer’s block…


Making me Happy

Since I have been failing spectacularly at the writing thing, my creativity has found another outlet. It’s been a few years since I’ve been brave enough to pick up a sketchpad or even attempted a drawing, but now…it feels like I’m returning home. Or like, I’m re-opening a door to a room I’d forgotten, and it’s all dusty and rusty inside, but a good cleaning should make the room decent again, right? I’m not ready to show anything yet, but maybe keep an eye out on my IG 😉

Until next time 🍓


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