This week: Star Wars, Gilmore Girls, Writing and Work.



Threatened and cajoled into giving this cartoon series a chance, I was so not prepared for the awesomeness that is Star Wars: Clone Wars. I did a bit of searching around beforehand and found out the episodes were not in chronological order, but thanks to the awesome Star Wars fans, I found a very handy list with the best order to watch it. So, I made a bullet journal spread with the episode guide!

You can even get a lil peak of the next series spread ^^



Except for a few oneshot fanfics from mutuals, I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t really picked up a book in a while. It’s been a combination of dealing with NaNo, dealing with a new job, dealing with the frustration of not finishing NaNo because of new work. Sigh. I received a few pre-order notices from Amazon, which means there should be new books in my Kindle, plus a friend said they’d loan me The Cursed Child. I’ll try to check at least one book this December.



After binge watching Clone Wars, there was only one path to follow and it lead to watching Star Wars: Rebels! A full cast of new characters, cameos from old faves, and a lot more action. I also caved and bought my second Star Wars pop, the badass Ahsoka Tano who matches perfectly with my BB-8.





After NaNo failure, I realized I needed to come up with a new battle plan to write under my new adulting circumstances (aka new job), because not writing is NOT an option. Not now, not ever. There are two main things I need to deal with: Twenty Paces (TP) edits and writing the sequel Ten Seconds (TS). I’ll try to break down my time into blocks and see which times are better to sit down and write—in the morning before work or at night when I’ve recovered enough from work.

Even though I’m only part-time for now, those few hours a day drain a lot from me. I’m trying to stay positive and hoping with time I’ll get accustomed to the daily enforced socializing, enough so that when I’m at home there’s enough mental energy left to spend on writing. I can do this, dammit!


Excited For


To be honest, when Rogue One was first announced I didn’t pay it much attention. Like, sure, another Star Wars universe movie, another white, brown-haired girl who will become or already is a badass. Yay! But I wasn’t looking forward to it, wasn’t even planning to watch it at the theater.

Now that I’m riding the hype—my own hype since I’m like 100yrs late—from Clone Wars and Rebels, I can’t wait to go watch Rogue One!




To write again…



Making me Happy

Another bullet journal spread, this time for my fave November show~


Until next time 🍓


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