NaNo Update

Overview: I’m working on the sequel to Twenty Paces, so this is an M/M SciFi Adventure/Romance with a moderate to hot heat level.
Wordcount: 10.5k words which means I’m so behind!!!
Best Line: This word sprang out of me like a hidden ninja going for a kill and it just fit the scene and mood so well. Who knows if it’ll make it through edits, but for now I’m loving it and the sentence in which it resides.

Boro’s Outpost is an amalgamation of mismatched buildings made of broken spaceship pieces embedded in the natural rock formations of the moon’s landscape.

Worst Line: Laziness drips from that last line…

Kris hated it.
But he had no power to stop it, to escape it.
So, he did the best he could with what he had.

Surprises: Internally screaming over the strong relationship between Logan (MC) and the director of the bounty hunting organization. In the outline, I simply wrote they had past history and would have a confrontation scene, but I never imagined the whole mess of underlying feelings that would spring up from BOTH sides.

Tyla clenched her fingers around the tablet. She had the strength to break it in two, which spoke of her self-control when the crystal-composite rectangle creaked but stayed intact. There were memories attached to Trille. “Age?”
Logan sighed. “Seriously, Tyla—”
“Hunter, Class B,” Logan growls out.

Character Moment: The first time Kris rebels and he doesn’t even understand what a HUGE THING this is. It made me so proud of him *tears up*

Kris nodded and heaved Logan over his shoulder. “Yes, sir,” he said, and it was the first time he did not mean it.

Even though I’m ridiculously behind and I’ll probably be drowning in stressful work for the foreseeable future, I plan to and encourage everyone to…

Keep on Writing and Keep on NaNo-in!


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