This week:
Pokémon, NaNoWriMo, and gorgeous book purses!



Yes, I play. Yes, I am excited. Yes, that release date (coupled with Sims4: City Living Expansion) will screw with my NaNo time big time, but I won’t give up! I got to play the demo and, honestly, this will be the first and last time I try a demo, because the wait until full release is pure torture. As for the game play, I’m excited for the new Pokémon, but not so sure about the new battle dynamics. After a battle, your trainer now learns which moves are effective against the type he fought. For example, after a battle with Rockruff (Rock type) your trainer learns that his Greninja water shuriken’s is an effective attack so that next time he encounters a Rockruff a little tag under the attack choice marks it as effective. I’ve seen this echoed around by other veteran players, and I’ll say it here too…this kinda takes away from the whole challenge of Pokémon, of knowing which type is each, and remembering what is effective. I hope this feature can be turned on/off.



I’m going through a low reading phase at the moment, only picking at books, but not really immersing myself in anything. So far, I’ve tried Nevernight by Jay Kristoff and Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. The first is quite heavy and intricate in terms of descriptions. It’s his style, and I know it will go smoother once I get into the swing of things (like it did with his Stormdancer series), but I at the moment I want something lighter to read. The second is alright, but for some reason one of the character’s attitude started to grate on me, which is a shame because I was really looking forward to it. In conclusion, sucky reading time for me.



Spent the last couple of weeks catching up to the second seasons of iZombie and Kuromukuro! My fave zombie girl continues eating brains and solving cases, only this time with the added pressure of a resurfacing romance life. The search for the cure is a back and forth mess of they find it, they don’t, they maybe have it, but not? I get that it’s to keep the tension in the plot, but when does it become too much? On the other hand, my latest mecha obsession was a rollercoaster of action and feels that only kept rising higher and higher with each episode. The season finale ended in a heart-wrenching cliffhanger that had me blinking back tears. There’s also a 5-year time skip and sort of preview for what’s next in store for the series, and it is AWESOME!



History Maker by Dean Fujioka
Also known as the Yuri!!! On Ice opening song! This is just the piece they use for the intro, but the longer epic song is the one I have on loop.



Made a lot of progress with my NaNo novel outline! I’ve basically been filling out character profiles, searching around for images and ideas on settings, and brainstorming a few scenes. I’ve divided them into the usual 3 Act structure, so what’s next is to go back over it all and brainstorm step by step. Of course, this outline always ends up changing as I write and I adjust as I go along. I’m getting pretty excited about this project again!



There’s been talk of it being darker than the main story!
*vibrates with excitement*



My fabulous black purse with the embroidered sugar skull is ready to retire, so I’ve been hunting around for my next companion. Unfortunately, everything I’ve seen in stores and online hasn’t exactly called to me. That is, until I came across this…

And I’d seen these around before but they were always too big, too small, or just made with less durable materials. But these are genuine leather, have a couple of sizes to choose from, and you can even shoot them a message for extra customization. It’s #1 on my Christmas list…


Making me Happy


I’ve been having tons of fun building my bullet journal, drawing out the monthly spreads and other collections. I still feel like there’s a lot more I could be doing with it, but for now, it’s serving me well.



Making the NaNoWriMo spread was the best. The numbers might seem wrong to you guys, but that’s only because I play Reverse NaNo since I found it works best for me. It’s painful, it’s grueling—especially those first two high-wordcount weeks—but oh so satisfying when you suddenly finish early.

Wordcount bricks!

This year I’ve added a reward for each week! Spoiling myself rotten tbh B)

Also added this recharge page (got the idea from a post in Pinterest) in case I’m really feeling the pressure and need to calm-the-F-down Ariel YOU CAN DO THIS!

Until next time 🍓


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