This week:
perfect reads, robots and cowboys, and tripy tunes!


I am loving this month! It’s the time where I bake pumpkin everything, watch funny or cute Halloween movies since I can’t horror, and pull out my tiny Christmas tree early because I decorate it with Mexican sugar skulls so it fits all holiday seasons from Oct to Jan. Yay!



Renée Ahdieh has the most beautiful, descriptive and economic prose I’ve ever read. Ever. It took me an entire week to read book one only because I kept slowing down to read each sentence carefully. To take a bite out of each and savor every description, every detail, and every idea. By god these were delicious sentences!



Obsession Mode: ON





November is three weeks away, which means I am plotting the shit out of my NaNo story! Or I should be. Erhem. This year, I’ll be working on plotting book two of my M/M space opera romance universe thing. I already have a general idea of the plot, now I just need to really dig in and divide into parts, chapters, and scenes. There’s a bit of research involved as well. Some topics I’ll be looking into are underground fights, mixed martial arts, and small vs big opponent techniques. This is like 200% out of my comfort zone, but I’m excited!


Excited For

At first glance, I passed it up thinking it was yet another first encounter movie where they’d either kill us, make babies with us, or be all cuteness and fluff. But once the trailer dropped, and a friend screamed at me “alien movie focused on language and first encounters!” I was hooked.

Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, and Tzi Ma make up this varied main cast. All pretty awesome actors in my books, so I’m looking forward to this.




I’m pretty much in love with this revival of Jem in comic-form. It’s got girl-power in spades, race diversity, body type positivity, and it’s LGBT+ friendly. Unfortunately, my local comic shops have a certain LACK of awesome girl-power comics preferring to stick to the usual male superheroes and male-gaze-oriented female hero comics. I’ve had to order each Jem issue online and cry silently over the shipping cost. I only have up to issue #10, so finding that they’ve started releasing them in collections is great news. Jem and The Holograms: Dark Jem covers from issues #11 to #16, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!


Making Me Happy

There’s a new sports anime called Yuri On Ice and it’s figure skating. It’s like two of my guilty pleasures met, made out, got freaky, and this anime is the result. Don’t be confused by the title though! In this case, Yuri is the main character’s name, and has nothing to do with the usual anime classifications of Yuri and Yaoi.


Until next time 🍓


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