A Writer’s Bullet Journal

The wonders of the bullet journal (or bujo) came to my attention this summer while I searched around for way to sit down my butt and get writing again raise my writing productivity. There are hundreds of post from people using these nifty journals to keep track of their everyday lives in the hopes of streamlining tasks, keeping goals in focus, and getting things done. Not only that, but these are very cute af artsy journals which you customize to your liking!

I’m queen of customization and personalizing things, so this sounded just about perfect. But could I make it work as a writer-specific journal?

A bit of research was needed before hand. There are so many choices of notebooks and pens, plus the bullet journal structure itself. I wanted to know the basics and then see how people mixed them to suit their own plans. The best two sources I found are Pageflutter and Bohoberry. They both have tons of mini tutorials and ideas for you to get started, plus fun monthly challenges, and even some printables.

After getting the basics down, I searched for writers who were in on this bullet journal trend and currently using the journals to specifically keep track of their writing projects. There weren’t many, but the ones I found had great ideas.

Akexandria Sturtz

Awesome Word Count Tracker, Pitch Wars and Query spreadsheets, and a bunch of others collections.

Phoebe Quinn

Detailed guide on how she has her writing journal set, with all the sections and their uses.

(Something Delicious)

A full list of links to various resources, and her own ideas for collections.


My Bullet Journal

Fired up and ready to start building my journal, I went with the “top choice”—a Leuchtturm1917 A5 with a dot grid. In Royal Blue to match my favorite nail polish and Funko-Spock’s shirt (I love my lil desk buddy, okay?). I ordered it from Goulet Pens Co, which I found through PageFlutter’s recommendations.

Allow me a side note here to say that the box was very nicely wrapped. Inside, it had a cute note card about the package, a chocolate lollipop, a sticker, a bigger thank you card, and a bookmark that I’m definitely using because it has the best quote ever.

Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.

-Winston E. Churchill

For the first few days I was terrified of even writing my name on the front page. But after doing an outline of the collections and tracking lists I wanted, plus spending an obscene amount of time scrolling Pinterest, I slowly I started adding a few things…

Design Ideas

I also keep a color test page for new pens.


My calendar will go from OCT 2016 to OCT 2017!

TV Series

My fave journal page so far 🙂

I know, I know. No writing collections yet. I’m working on them, and I can’t wait to show you guys more! I’ll be posting progress pics on my Instagram.

Until next time 🍓


4 thoughts on “A Writer’s Bullet Journal

    • Ariel E. James says:

      You have amazing ideas! I’m so glad I subscribed to your newsletter so I don’t miss a thing. That sugar skull printable is to die for 😀 Also, thank you! I’m having an great time doing the challenge!


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