This week:
fountain pens, fantasy anime, and shared story worlds!



My aunt had this really old fountain pen with a gold nib, and a bottle of India ink, the kind that was blue-ish and not true black. I used to sit down at her desk and pretend I was a successful writer composing a magical story…even if all I did was scribbles and doodles. Years later, I  am a writer, so it was time I got my own.


Look at this beauty!

So chubby, so yellow, so quirky!


It weighs a ton, so it’s not for extended writing  🙂



Making my way through Megan Derr’s The Lost Gods series is turning out to be an interesting adventure. The world-building is top notch, the characters are varied and interesting, and the pacing is well enough for a fantasy world this big. However, after connecting so wonderfully with all the characters of book one, I lost all the magic in the second book because I couldn’t relate with anyone. The plot is engaging and I very much wanted to follow the heroes, but I just never got on board their ship. I’m hoping the third book allows for a connection once more since the main characters are ones who appear in the first story, and I quite liked.



I am 110% in love with this anime series. It has a great story that doesn’t beat you over the head with theme, an amazingly varied cast both in personality and backstory, and an RPG-like magic system that had me flailing. There are three stories: Magi: Adventures of Sinbad which acts as a prequel (and will probably have more seasons on its own), and two core stories which are Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. I’ve only watched the first two so far, but I’m eager to tackle those last 25 episodes.



Watching her videos always leaves me breathless.



Lately, the TV series Once Upon a Time has been a hit and miss for me. I like some of the character arcs, but the overall plot arcs end up being a bit of a letdown. This season was such a mixed bag of good and bad, that it had my head spinning. But if there’s one thing that continues to impress me is the way they treat the shared story universes. How they’ve remixed the stories of so many well-known characters is nothing short of impressive.

The idea of character and world crossovers isn’t new. I still remember that Jetsons Meet The Flintstones episode which was one of my favorites to re-watch. There’s also the very hyped monster battle movie Alien VS Predator. Marvel and DC have been doing crossovers in their comics since the dawn of time, and recently in their movie universe to great success. The CW is killing it with their crossovers between Arrow and The Flash, and their latest Supergirl and The Flash (which was fantastic!).

In novels, I think it’s rarer to find this kind of universe crossover, unless it’s a spinoff series with a different cast meeting the core cast…but that’s really another type of sequel, right? Anyways, the idea of crossovers still got me wondering about how I would do it with my stories. For example, I have two scifi projects at the moment. The universe is big enough to be the same in both if the stories develop on distant galaxies, far enough that any alien species found in one would not be commonly found in the other. It’s an idea worth looking into and I can’t wait to brainstorm some more. Would you try any crossovers in your stories?


Excited For

Earlier this year, a couple of friends alerted me to the wonders of bullet journaling. It slipped my mind for some reason, until recently when a few writers I follow have posted about their use of a bujo to keep track of their writing. So I’ve spent the past few weeks roaming about the internet, especially Pinterest and Tumblr, looking at different journal ideas and thinking on how to incorporate them into a writer-specific journal.

I’ll probably do a full post about it later, so keep an eye out for it!



Enjoying my new fountain pen means I’m already eying the amazing selection of ink colors over at Goulet Pens Co. Who needs glittery ink?

I do.


Making Me Happy

I’ve had a tough couple of days health wise and only two things kept me afloat: 1) my brother’s stories about his newly independent life away from home (some hilarious like the ‘ghost printer’ and some very WTF like ‘blood in the elevator’), and 2) indulging in some very naughty fanfic writing.

Until next time! 🍓


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