I’ve been searching for a fun way to start and keep this blog updated, and I ran across the “Currently” posts on a fellow writer’s page. I think they’re a great way to start introducing myself to readers, while I get my projects fit for publishing. The posts are every other Tuesday, and I’ll do my best to stick to that schedule.

Welcome to the first





I always forget to list baking as a hobby, but yes, I bake. A lot. Mostly simple recipes, like cakes and breads, but sometimes I put on an imaginary chef hat—yellow with a print of cute strawberries—and attempt more complex recipes. This week I made chocolate ganache macarons.

After reading horror stories and tons of comments about how hard they are to make, I printed out a recipe and set out a full afternoon just for them expecting a battle of epic proportions that would leave my kitchen in ruins. Imagine my surprise when the macaroons not only came out alright, but they tasted amazing! I did mess up the ganache, but 24hrs in the fridge fixed it right up. Now they are perfection!



After devouring a couple of MM Scifi series over the space of a month—Nighttime Wishes by M.A. Church, Galactic Alliance by K.C. Burns, and Chaos Station by Jenn Burke & Kelly Jensen —I’m now in a sort of reading slump. It’s usually a case of my brain needing time to process and mull over the amazing stories I’ve read (Yes, they were all a-freaking-mazing), before I can either dive into more reading or go back to writing. If you guys have some cool recs, feel free to leave them in a comment!



My latest obsession topic is sentient or semi-sentient mecha robots, and I’ve hunted down anything that has to do with it. I had little luck finding novels—there’s a few classics, literary, and hard-scifi ones, but I wanted something more current. So, I turned to anime! Everything from old school animations such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam, and Zoids, to newer ones like Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, Aldnoah.Zero, Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-Ne, and finally Voltron.

Voltron: Legendary Defender is the story of five space pilots who find semi-sentient lion robots that can combine to form the super robot known as Voltron. Now, while the focus of the series is on the young pilots and their coming-of-age stories, I was more interested in the lion robots behavior and how much sentience they displayed. I wasn’t disappointed! There’s more than a few instances where the lions move on their own to protect their pilots, or even disobey their pilot’s order because they haven’t bonded completely with them.

It’s this possibility of a bond with what’s essentially a machine that has my brain all excited. I already feel a story brewing.



As a fan of K-pop for some years now, I’ve tried to continue expanding my tastes to other Asian music, but haven’t been able to fully get into anything else. (Anime theme songs don’t count!) So, I was very surprised when Taemin, one of my favorite K-pop idols, dropped a song in Japanese and not only do I love it, but I can’t stop re-playing it! I think it’s a combination of the music and the beautiful landscapes in his video which has me all starry eyed.

Also, found another album to add to my ‘writing music’ playlist. The artist goes by the stage name Mura Masa, and their music is a mix of electronic, dance, hip-hop, and R&B. Their music works perfectly for when I want something more lively to write to.



Knowing I’m in Sci-fi Mode this year, a friend shared the news about Alien Love: A Romance Anthology. I desperately wanted to participate, but the time frame wasn’t enough for me to create or finish anything. However, that didn’t stop me from plotting out a new story world! It involves half-animal engineered aliens, tentacles, the process that goes on after first-contact, and a blossoming romance in the midst of survival. Somehow, I ended up creating an alien language, and semi-ploting out books 2 and 3 as well. I love it when simple projects grow into beasts!




Brian Keppler, owner of Ground N’At, the coffee shop beneath SR Anderson Consulting, doesn’t have time for a relationship. His most recent girlfriend broke up with him because he’d become married to his shop, which is falling apart without his favorite barista, Justin.

As he struggles to stay afloat, the arrival of handsome British high-tech whiz Robert Ancroft becomes another complication. Rob quickly becomes a fixture at the shop with his sharp wit and easy charm, and Brian soon finds himself looking forward more and more to Rob’s visits—to the point where his heart skips a beat when he walks in.

But will Brian be able to come to terms with his previously unexplored sexual identity and find happiness now that he has a chance?

This is the fourth book in Anna Zabo’s Takeover series, which just like the series name, has taken over my life!



K-pop idols are known for their wild hair colors, which only makes me super excited about their new MVs and concerts because it usually means new hairdos. This time, it’s EXO’s Chanyeol who has made me fall in love with this light orange-y hair color! My hair is blue right now, so there’s no way I can get to this color quickly, but I’m definitely adding it to my ‘Colors to Try’ list!


Making Me Happy


Call me dramatic, but heartbroken doesn’t even begin to describe the theater mess up that led to me miss watching Star Trek Beyond on the big screen! So, to soothe my hurting soul, I got a Spock and Uhura Funko Pops. Can’t get over Spock’s frowny and sharp brows ❤


Until next time!🍓


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